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6 min readMay 9, 2022 Homepage is one of the recent sites that pay users to play games alongside completing some simple tasks on the site. The game to be played here is called the helicopter game and all that is needed to play this game and make real cash is to get coins to have your helicopter flying and open the mystery boxes that contain real cash, coins, and XP(experience) points. Let’s get to see how to get coins to play the game and earn money.

How to get coins to play the helicopter game and earn cash on

The first way to get coins on is by signing up via an invite link. When you sign up on the site via an invite link and have your email verified, you would be given 50 coins as a signup bonus.

These 50 coins give you the opportunity to open 50 mystery boxes that contain prizes ranging from cash, xp points, raffle tickets, and more coins i.e. 1 coin to 1 mystery box. Each time you open a mystery box, your coins get reduced by one until you’ve finally used up the available coins.

You can signup via this link to claim your 50 signup bonus points.

The second way to get coins on the site is by completing some simple tasks on the site such as downloading apps, playing some other games, etc. There are different amounts of coins to be rewarded for each task. So, you can perform these tasks to earn more coins that would earn you more cash on the site.

The third way to get coins is by claiming the hourly coins bonus reward on the site. Upon registration, you’re on level 0 and you’ve got the chance to claim 5 coins per hour.

To proceed to the next level i.e. level 1, you will need 100 xp (experience points) and this can be obtained when a new user signs up on the site via your invite link (you’ll get 10 xp for each invited user). On level 1, you are eligible to claim 10 coins every hour.

Level 2 works in a similar way too. To get here, you would need 200 xp and you are eligible to claim 15 coins every hour.

For levels 3, 4, and 5 (the current highest level), you’d need 300 xp, 400 xp, and 500 xp and you are eligible to claim 20, 25, and 30 coins every hour respectively.

The fourth way to get coins for playing the game to earn money on the site is by referring others. For each person you referred, you’d get 10 xp that gives you a chance to progress to the next level and for each person that stays active on the site, you would get a chance to claim 1 coin every 24 hours.

Having known how to get coins to play the game and earn money on the site, let’s get to see how to signup on

How to register on

  • Click this invite link (you’ll get 50 signup bonus coins) to land on the registration page.
  • Click the signup button, enter your email, create your password, and pass the hCaptcha/reCAPTCHA verification.
  • A confirmation link would be sent to your email, click it to have your email verified on the site.
  • Upon verification of your email, you will be prompted to your dashboard with your 50 coins available to commence opening the mystery boxes to claim cash and other prizes.

For each mystery box opened, you have the chance to get cash prizes ranging from $0.01 to $0.50, a raffle ticket, coins, or xp, however, it should be noted that sometimes the boxes opened might be empty.

These claimed cash prizes are what add up till you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of $5.

How raffle works

Users can luckily earn up to $500 by participating in the helidrops raffle draws. To have a chance to participate in the raffle draw, you need to have a minimum of one raffle ticket, and raffle tickets can be claimed a prize for unboxing the mystery boxes. The more raffle tickets that you have, the more your chances of being one of the lucky prize winners.

For each raffle drawn, there are 5 cash prizes and 5 coins prizes to be won i.e. 10 players get rewarded at the end of each raffle draw.

The cash prizes for the 1st to 5th positions are $500, $200, $150, $100, and $50 respectively while the coin prizes for the 1st to 5th winner are 1000, 750, 500, 250, and 100 coins respectively.

To know the time for the raffle draw and the number of tickets you’ve gotten so far, you will have to click the raffle button locate at the bottom of your dashboard.

How to withdraw your money on

The minimum withdrawal amount on is $5, however, this depends on the withdrawal method and if it’s in or out of stock.

The following are the available means of withdrawal (with minimum amount) on

  • PayPal — $20 min.
  • Payeer — $50 min.
  • Bitcoin — $20 min.
  • Litecoin — $10 min.
  • Dogecoin — $5 min.
  • Dash — $20 min.
  • Ethereum — $100 min.
  • Tron — $5 min.
  • USDT (ERC20) — $100 min.

Before selecting a payment method, it’s essential to confirm if the payment method is in stock or out of stock. If a payment means is out of stock in a day, you won’t be able to use it for your withdrawal, you would either have to wait for it to be restocked or use another payment method that is in stock.

It should be noted that the PayPal withdrawal option is available for some selected countries and not all countries. Also, a 5% withdrawal fee is charged by helidrops to have your money sent to the selected payment platform.

To have your money withdrawn in cryptocurrency, you will need to first sign up on a crypto exchange site such as Coinbase or Binance if you’ve not done that before.

After you’ve gotten to the minimum withdrawal amount for your selected payment method and have confirmed if it’s in stock, all you need to do is to click on your balance as seen on your dashboard, click on the withdrawal button attached to the payment method of your choice to be prompted to the payment page where you can then input your payment email address, wallet ID or address depending on the payment method that you’ve chosen. user’s dashboard

Here is a recent $20 Bitcoin withdrawal proof from, a 5% withdrawal fee was deducted from the amount and a little above $18 was received. withdrawal proof

In conclusion, getting paid to play games is recently becoming one of the free and easy ways to earn real cash online and it is certain that more gaming platforms that would pay you for playing games on their site would keep coming on board as the years go by.

So, you can join the movement to make money by playing games on now.

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