MyDailyCash App: Get Paid For Completing Easy Tasks on Your Android Device

MyDailyCash App

MyDailyCash App is a get-paid-to (GPT) app that allows users to make money online by completing easy tasks on the app such as downloading apps, registering on sites, etc.

The app is currently an Android-only app and pays users directly into their PayPal account once they’ve accumulated the minimum credits that can be converted into cash.

Let’s get to see how MyDailyCash App works

How MyDailyCash App Works

As said before this app is a get-paid-to app. The way it works is that MyDailyCash partners with some other companies that want users to test their apps, sign up on their sites, or any other simple tasks and MyDailyCash posts these micro-tasks on their app for its app users to do and get rewarded in credits which can then be redeemed for cash.

Rewards for each task completed vary and are dependent on different partners of MyDailyCash. You can earn as low as 10 credits for some completed tasks and as high as 50 credits for some.

The cash equivalent of one credit is $0.01, this implies that 10 credits would earn you $0.10, 50 credits — $0.50, 1000 credits — $10, etc.

Currently, the minimum payout on MyDailyCash App is $10, equivalent to 1000 coins. So, once your accumulated coins for completed tasks are up to 1000 and beyond, you can place a withdrawal for payment into your PayPal account and have your money sent to you within 24–48 hours.

It’s worth mentioning that tasks are regularly made available on the app and you can decide to select and complete whichever suits you to earn your rewards. However, you must check out for available tasks to avoid missing out on participating and earning rewards.

Aside from completing tasks to earn cash on the app, you also get rewarded for inviting new members on the app to sign up via your referral code. You’ll be rewarded 20 credits ($0.20) for each invited member and they get 50 credits ($0.50) as a reward for being a new user of the app.

Having known this, let’s see how to signup on MyDailyCash App

How to Download, Install, and Register on MyDailyCash App

Getting started with earning on the app is a simple process, you are required to follow these procedures:

  • Download and Install the app on your Android device here.
MyDailyCash App User’s Dashboard
  • The next line of action is setting your PayPal email for payout. To do this, navigate and tap on the Settings icon located at the base of the app interface. Tap on PayPal account next, then enter and repeat your PayPal email address in the boxes provided for New PayPal Email and Confirm new PayPal Email respectively. Finally, tap the Update button to have your PayPal email set.

That’s all about the onboarding process.

In case there are any available tasks at the moment of signing up, you will immediately see them and get to participate (if it suits you) immediately by clicking the Go to Deal button located beneath the task description.

You can choose to complete multiple tasks at once if they’re available or just do any that you find suitable. Some tasks are one-off tasks e.g. signing up on a site once or just downloading an app and having it run on your device for some minutes/hours while others are recurring e.g. having an app installed on your phone and claiming daily rewards as long as the app is still on your device.

With the regular availability of tasks on the app, users can easily accumulate coins required for a $10 minimum withdrawal.

That being said, I can safely say that MyDailyCash app is a legit money-making app that works worldwide, and several payment proofs are available online. You can add it to your money-making apps collection that is already on your phone, you wouldn’t refuse extra cash, you know (lol).

Here are some proofs:

MyDailyCash Payment Proof as of 2021 when the minimum withdrawal wasn’t $10 yet.
Recent payment proof from MyDailyCash

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