How to Make Money Testing Websites #1

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Thousands of websites are being launched daily, but not all of them are developed for a good user experience. However, companies, brands, and website designers/developers that are concerned with how users feel using their website are always ready to spend some money to get a few users’ feedback about their website before they finally launch the site for mass use.

This, therefore, gives you an opportunity to make money by testing these websites with no technical skills required.

In this guide, we are considering how to make testing websites via a site called

Userbrain is a user testing platform where companies/brands onboard to get testers’ feedback about their websites. Prospective website testers can also sign up on Userbrain to start getting paid for testing websites on the platform.

How it works is that companies set up web testing tasks on Userbrain, select the demographics they need for the test, then users with matching demographics get notified to perform the web testing tasks on Userbrain and finally get paid once the brand or company approves the tasks.

Let’s see how to get started with making money by testing websites on Userbrain.

  1. Head over to Locate and click on the Get paid to test button.
  2. You’ll be prompted to the tester sign-up page where you will have to enter your email and password to create a Userbrain tester account.
Testers Signup Page on Userbrain

3. Verify your email by clicking the confirmation link sent to you.

4. After your email has been verified, you’ll be directed to download the Userbrain recorder for Google Chrome (PC) or the one for iOS (depending on your device). The purpose of this is to record a qualification test (not paid) that will involve you testing a sample website within 5–20 minutes.

You would get proper directions to help you do this from Userbrain to avoid confusion with figuring out the process yourself.

It should be noted that a successful qualification test gets you qualified to receive paid tests on Userbrain. Therefore, it’s important that you conduct the test in a quiet environment while speaking your thoughts clearly and as loudly as possible while going through the set of tasks for the qualification test.

The following points should be noted about testing websites for payment on Userbrain:

  • Tests are made available on a first-come, first-served basis i.e. you must respond to each test as soon as possible upon notification as long as your demographics match the needed requirements.
  • You must perform each test in a quiet environment, speaking your thoughts aloud..
  • The Userbrain recorder should be installed on your Google Chrome browser or iOS device and used for tests as it is the means of capturing and submitting your feedback on Userbrain.
  • Each test is estimated to last between 5–20 mins. The compensation for each approved test is $5 and paid via PayPal.

Happy testing!

This is my #42/365 article in 2022, I’m on a challenge to put up 365 articles here this year.



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